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What are the 12 most interesting neurological questions of 2019?

It’s that time of the year again…

When we look back and reflect

Over how many visitors took a peek

And what most piqued their interest.


>10,000 people visited our blog in 2019…

They viewed >300 abstracts…

Of which >70 were freshly minted in 2019.


Our visitors favoured some abstracts over others,

So we picked out the most popular ones.

And we post them here as…

the 12 most interesting neurological questions of 2019

A big question mark made of puzzle pieces. Horia Varlan on Flickr.


Are antiplatelets and anticoagulants safe and beneficial in people with cavernomas?


What is the risk of PML with fingolimod in the treatment of MS?


Does thrombolysis add any value to stroke thrombectomy?


What surgical operations are most likely to trigger Guillain Barre syndrome?


What are the 5 key features of dystonic tremor?


What is the profile of seronegative limbic encephalitis?


How effective is rituximab in multiple sclerosis?


What is the ideal CSF closing pressure at lumbar puncture for IIH?


Are oral steroids as good as intravenous steroids in treating optic neuritis?


Is hypertonic saline better than mannitol for traumatic brain injury?


Is thrombolysis effective 9 hours after stroke?


How does aspirin influence the rupture risk of cerebral aneurysms?


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By Ibrahim Imam

I am a UK Neurologist keen on general neurology, but with an interest in neuromuscular diseases. I maintain the neurology searchable database, I also blog at I share and discuss current issues around clinical neurology. I hope you find my blogs enlightening, practical, and even entertaining.

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