The 20 most interesting neurological questions of 2018

It’s what we do every year

Plough through myriads of papers…

Scrutinise methods and results

And hone in on the conclusions.

We chart the hard work of neurologists…

The mysteries they decipher…

The riddles they solve…

The conundrums they unravel.

Old key. Dean Sas on Flikr.

We extract only what is good enough…

For inclusion in Neurochecklists.

We disseminate the major breakthroughs

Phrased as catchy questions.

Yellow puzzle piece. Stephen Bowler on Flikr.

Our readers visit and browse…

Viewing some questions more than others.

Every year we rank them one by one…

To find out the most compelling questions.

The Missing Piece. J. Sibiga Photography on Flikr.

For more comprehensive and concise answers…

To all your neurological questions…

Come along to

And keep up with our blog posts throughout 2019!

Question mark made of puzzle pieces. Horia Varlan on Flickr.

Published by:

Ibrahim Imam

I am a UK Neurologist keen on general neurology, but with an interest in neuromuscular diseases. I maintain the neurology searchable database, I share and discuss current issues around clinical neurology. I hope you find this blog enlightening, practical, and even entertaining.

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