How do you want your neurology information? launched 18 months ago.

And we marked this by a post on The Neurology Lounge titled:

How will neurology checklists unlock excellent practice?

This explained our project to simplify access to neurology information.

We even made a short video clip explaining ‘the secret of neurochecklists‘.



Since we launched, Neurochecklists has clocked >1,340 subscribers.

Users have access to >2,000 checklists covering all aspects of neurology.

And the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,

As reflected in our slightly boastful blog post titled:

What inspiring things are people saying about Neurochecklists?

But we want to take things to the next level.

To strengthen the database and enhance the website.

We want to improve the technology behind it all,

And explore other forms of accessing neurology information.

Above all, we want to enhance user-experience.

Checklist. Animated Heaven on Flikr.


To do this, we want to know what you expect in a neurology information source….

What you want, and how you want it.

We want to know what challenges you face in accessing neurology information…

and how you think we can overcome this.


To do this we have developed a very short survey.

This will follow very shortly.

So watch this space!

But for now, keep on using Neurochecklists.

Watch This Space. javi on Flikr.

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