Welcome to the neurochecklists blog!

Neurochecklists is a web-based database which strives to keep on top of developments in neurology. It does so by keeping track of a variety of neurological sources, and presenting these in a comprehensive and easily accessible format.


Within a very short time span, Neurochecklists has made giant strides in finding its place. It has a Twitter profile of its own, a Facebook page, and even a Youtube channel, where you can watch ‘how to neurochecklist‘.


Today, as we go into 2017, Neurochecklists is going a step further by getting its own blog! This is to share highly rated articles, and to showcase the research and reviews which go into updating and revising Neurochecklists.


As from today therefore, keep up with Neurochecklistsupdates for the important, interesting, groundbreaking, and even challenging, abstracts which give life to Neurology. Neurochecklistsupdates will link you to the neurologists and neuroscientists whose works influence and shape Neurochecklists. Welcome to the blog!


And don’t forget to follow our partner blog, The Neurology Lounge


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