What are the treatment options for refractory autoimmune encephalitis?

 Tocilizumab in autoimmune encephalitis refractory to rituximab: an institutional cohort study

Lee WJ, Lee ST, Moon J, et al.

Neurotherapeutics 2016; 13:824-832.


A considerable portion of autoimmune encephalitis (AE) does not respond to conventional immunotherapies and subsequently has poor outcomes. We aimed to determine the efficacy of tocilizumab, an anti-interleukin-6 antibody, in rituximab-refractory AE compared with other treatment options.

From an institutional cohort of AE, 91 patients with inadequate clinical response to first-line immunotherapy and following rituximab were retrospectively reviewed. Patients were grouped according to their further immunotherapy strategies. Thirty (33.0 %) patients were included in the tocilizumab group, 31 (34.0 %) in the additional rituximab group, and 30 (33.0 %) in the observation group. Outcomes were defined as the favorable modified Rankin Scale scores (≤2) at 1 and 2 months from the initiation of each treatment strategy and at the last follow-up. Favorable clinical response (improvement of the modified Rankin Scale scores by ≥ 2 points or achievement of the mRS scores ≤ 2) at the last follow-up was also analyzed.

The tocilizumab group showed more frequent favorable mRS scores at 2 months from treatment initiation and at the last follow-up compared with those at the relevant time points of the remaining groups. The majority (89.5 %) of the patients with clinical improvement at 1 month from tocilizumab treatment maintained a long-term favorable clinical response. No serious adverse effects of rituximab or tocilizumab were reported.

Therefore, we suggest that tocilizumab might be a good treatment strategy for treating AE refractory to conventional immunotherapies and rituximab. The tocilizumab-mediated clinical improvement manifests as early at 1 month after treatment initiation.

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Por Ramin Herati - Created from PDB 1TNF and rendered by me using Pymol, Domínio público, Ligação
Por Ramin Herati – Created from PDB 1TNF and rendered by me using Pymol, Domínio público, Ligação

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